Doberman Pinscher Guarding Your Property? Here Are A Few Landscaping Ideas For Your Dog


According to dog guru Cesar Millan, a Doberman Pinscher is a great guard dog if you want to protect a large property. They are extremely fast, fearless, loyal, and smart. Here are a few important things a Doberman Pinscher will need if it's constantly in the yard serving as protection, and they can all be incorporated into your landscaping.

Patrol Path

As the dog instinctively goes on patrols on the property, it can create a dirt path from constantly walking in the same areas around the fence line. Instead of having this happen, install a path close to the fencing. The path should be cool to the touch in direct sunlight, and smooth for the paws. Several great choices are cobblestone, brick, and interlocking paving stones.

Interior Shelter

The dog will need a shelter for when it needs to sleep and for when it wants shelter from a storm. Dog houses are a great option, but you don't want your guard dog's shelter to be obvious to intruders. Instead, surround the dog house with tall grasses, shrubs, or other greenery to obstruct its view from the other side of the fence.

No Harmful Plants or Mulch

There are certain plants that are toxic for dogs, and mulch can be dangerous as well. When eaten, some plants can cause gastrointestinal distress, weakness, heart problems, convulsions, or death. Some mulches are toxic to animals if they consume any of it, which can cause symptoms like breathing problems, slow heart rate, gastrointestinal distress, and issues with their central nervous system. A landscaping designer can help you determine which plants and which types of mulch to avoid.

Sandy Area

Dogs produce nitrogen in their urine, which can kill grass. And since this is a large breed, you'll need to scoop their poop on a regular basis. To avoid having a yard with poop and patches of yellow and dead grass, install a sand box that your dog can use to pee and poo. Train your dog to pee and poo in the sandbox as early as possible, or it could be more difficult for them to break the habit of going anywhere in the yard.

Cool Water

Be sure to provide cool, fresh water constantly so your dog can get a drink whenever it needs one. One way to do this is to install an outdoor water fountain specifically designed for dogs, which is similar to what is found in dog parks. If you live in a location where the temperature can drop below freezing, consider getting a heated fountain, which will keep the water from freezing.

High Fence

Dobermans are very agile and fast, which means they can jump high, especially when they get a running start. Your fence should be at least 5 feet tall to help prevent your dog from getting out. A chain link fence is ideal because it doesn't block the view. You should also install a tension wire at the bottom of the fence to keep the dog from trying to dig underneath it.

Easy On the Belly, Paws & Nose

Do not choose greenery that has prickly stems or thorns. You don't want your dog to avoid any areas that they know have injured them in the past, especially to areas of their body that are not covered with fur, such as their belly, paws, and nose.

Resting Spot In the Shade

To keep your dog from overheating, especially if it has a black coat that absorbs heat from the sun, have several shade trees planted with areas underneath that are soft. That way, it can seek coolness in the shade of the tree so it can rest and cool down.

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28 June 2016

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