Three Great Uses For Natural Stone In Your Landscape Design


While there are so many great plants that you can incorporate into your landscape design, there are also other great elements that you can add as well. One such element is natural stone. Natural stone contains a beauty that man-made concrete and brick just can't seem to compete with. It is also excellent at withstanding the outdoor elements, if it has been properly treated. This article is going to discuss 3 great uses for natural stone in your landscape design.

Fire Pit And Surrounding Area 

Having a fire pit in your backyard is not only great for functional purposes, but it can also be a piece of beauty as well. You can use natural stone to surround your fire pit, giving it a natural and earthy look. You can also use the stone to create flooring around the fire pit. You can choose stones that have been cut to go together perfectly, or you can use stones of different shapes and sizes, and then put them together uses a large amount of cement. In either case, you are going to create an area within your landscape design that will look great and will last you for a long time. 


Another excellent use for natural stone is to create stairs. These can be stairs coming off of your patio, stairs leading to another level of your yard, stairs going up into a gazebo or other structure, etc. The great thing about using natural stone for these stairs is how many options that you have. You can either find large natural stones that are cut and shaped a bit so that you can use one for each step or you can use a combination of small stones to complete each step. You can also finish the area around the stairs by filling it with natural stone and rocks, or you can keep it dirt, so as to create a very natural and earthy look. The stones are going to be kept in place using either cement or a mortar substance.

Raised Flower Beds 

If you would like to have some raised flower beds, either in your front or you back yard, a great way to create them is using natural stone. You can essentially build a base for the flower beds that allows water to come through, and then create a wall around them using the natural stone. This is going to create a very elegant and durable bed that you can fill with whatever flowers or plants that you would like. 

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6 March 2017

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