Get The Most Out Of Your Yard: Designs That Add Value To Your Property


When you have an uneven yard, or you have areas that are isolated from one another, you can create a more cohesive property with the right yard design. You can can use pathways to improve connectivity between areas of your yard, strategically placed lighting to add flair, and retaining walls to make an uneven area more usable and flat. If you want a yard makeover, it's time to meet with a landscaping professional and talk about your design ideas. Even when you do the work on your own, a design professional can help you build a design that you will love.

Pathways to Build Connectivity

If you have areas in your yard that you want to tie together more effectively, creating a beautiful path from one area to another will do the job. You can use simple mulch paths, or invest in more expensive pebble paths to bring two areas of your yard together. If one area is lower than the other, you can create a pathway that includes simple stairs using stepping stones or railroad ties. When your yard has scattered elements, pathways can add value to your property.

Retaining Walls to Create Flat Areas

Whether you want to build an area for a vegetable garden, or you want to make a flat surface for your children to play, a retaining wall can create such an area out of an uneven space. If you aren't familiar with retaining wall installation, this is a job that is best left up to a landscape professional. While you may be able to clear out the area on your own, building a retaining wall takes some skill. When you want to have a flat area where there is a hill currently, a well placed retaining wall can solve your problems.

Lighting and Other Decor

You can use pathway lighting, or spotlights on particular plantings, to enhance the look of your yard. In addition, strategically placed fencing can make your yard look more professionally landscaped. Whether you are seeking more privacy, or you simply want to create boundaries, fencing is a great way to add both to your backyard. Consider archways, arbors or gates for garden areas, and always look for ways to make your yard more beautiful.

When you are ready to build a great yard design, it's time to consider all of your options. With a retaining wall, you'll be able to use more of your yard, and at the same time add value to your property. Talk with a professional landscape design company, like Boehm Landscape Inc, for more information and options that will suit your needs. 


14 March 2017

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