Which Curb Appeal Mistakes Could Impact Your Home's Attraction To Buyers?


One of the most important steps you can take towards selling your home is making sure the exterior gives a good impression to potential buyers. Within the first few seconds of driving up to your home, buyers start to form an impression about your home. If your yard is unkempt, buyers could develop a bias against your home before they even get out of their cars. To help you with curb appeal, here are some mistakes that other sellers often make that you should avoid. 

Improperly Caring for Your Grass

Green grass is not only healthier looking, but it helps to set the expectations for buyers. Therefore, you need to exercise care when maintaining the grass.  

For instance, do not cut the grass too short. When the grass is short, the long clippings can cause stress to the grass. When this happens, the growth of the grass could be hampered. You also need to be sure to remove the clippings. Mulch has more nutrients than the grass clippings.  

In addition to these steps, mix up the pattern in which you mow. When you cut your grass in the same direction consistently, the surface starts to take on a matted appearance. By contrast, a varied pattern will help to avoid wear on your grass and keep it looking healthy. 

Opting for Unusual Landscaping Choices

If you were planning to stay in your home, going for the weird or quirky in your yard would be a personal decision. However, since you are selling your home, you have to now worry about what others would want in their yard.  

For instance, a vegetable garden in the front might seem like a good idea, but some buyers might find it a turn off. For buyers who do not want a garden, it could be seen as an unwelcome eyesore or simply more work to do on the home.  

Your home's front lawn should be relatively simple. For decorative purposes, you can place some bright plants and flowers, but keep the more outlandish choices tucked away in the garage. In the backyard, remove unusual objects, such as a goat or rabbit pen. Remember, you want to make your yard look as inviting to buyers as possible. 

Talk to a landscaper like Cutter Up about other ways you can make your lawn more appealing to potential buyers. He or she can make suggestions based on your lawn's current state and trends that are appealing to buyers now. 


28 March 2017

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