Worried About Flooding? Work On The Landscaping To Avoid This Problem


Maintaining your landscape is not always an easy task to handle because weather can be so random. A drought could plague your yard and you might not have an irrigation system in place to make up for the water that all your plants would be receiving and absorbing from a typical rainfall. It is also possible for flooding to play a role in plant damage, so it makes sense to do what you can to avoid these issues. If you want to start feeling more confident about your landscape's health, you should take on a few projects.

Direct Flow with Dry Creek Bed

Once rainfall starts pouring down, you are not going to be able to control its flow. This is something that you will have to do beforehand, and one of the easiest ways is by adding a dry creek bed. The setup must go right because you want to make sure that water flow makes it into the trench. This control allows you to push the water towards an area that is meant to flood or even away from the property itself.

Go Heavy on Ground Cover

While some grasses are able to resist damage due to short-term flooding, it is not a reliable solution. You will find it in your best interest to invest heavily into ground cover with the intention to control flooding. For instance, picking the Carpet Bugle as your main plant will help you with flooding in several ways. It has a great deal of resistance to flooding in general, so you can rely on it handling heavy floods. Also, its craving for moist soil means that rainy season should be a perfect time for keeping it in excellent health.

Switch to High-Tolerance Trees

Growing a few plants may require a decent amount of planning when it comes to picking the plant type and where you should put them to maximize the chance of healthy growth, but you may also want to consider undertaking a large landscaping project to prevent floods from causing property damage. This means growing trees in prime areas for flooding by removing the current ones or using up empty space. The high tolerance for flooding of the green ash tree makes it a great candidate for your landscape.

Flooding is not a problem that you want to experience on your property because it can lead to all sorts of issues with the yard and the foundation, which makes it worth investing in flood prevention with a company like Ironwood Earthcare.


31 March 2017

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