Trendy Ideas For Beautiful Landscaping


When you hear the word trendy, you probably think of things like hairstyles, clothing and clubs. You didn't think trendy applied to landscaping, did you? Well, it's not so much that landscaping can be trendy in the way of clothes, but that trends can help influence garden styles at a given time. Update your garden by implementing a few trends.

Spring Cutting

A cutting garden is actually one of the most traditional gardens around, hearkening back to the days of aristocratic ladies "gardening" by cutting a few blooms. For that type of garden, any flower with long stems and eye-catching blooms will work. However, a new trend is to plant for timely cuttings. For instance, Home and Garden TV describes flowers you should plant for spring bouquets:

  • Persian buttercup
  • Cornflowers
  • Lilac
  • Sweet pea
  • Tulips

For this spring garden, you should also plant fillers such as lady's mantle, Solomon's seal and calendula. You could spread the plants around your landscaping or create a single planting bed with your spring cutting garden.

Unusual Plant Varieties

Another planting bed to try is one with new and unusual plant varieties. Horticulturalists are often cross-breeding plants to create new varieties. Some are for practical purposes, such as the "Bounce" series of impatiens that are resistant to the downy mildew that kills common varieties. Other hybrids are more whimsical. For example, the "L.A. Dreamin'" hydrangea creates flowers that range from blue to pink on the same plant. The "Avante Garde" hydrangea offers huge, long-lasting blooms. If choosing one of these unusual plants, use them as a gardening focal point.

Architectural Plants

Another way to create an attractive gardening focal point is with architectural plants. These are plants that have a definite structure to them, such as saguaro cacti or foxglove blooms. Use architectural plants as the centerpiece of a mini garden. For example, a saguaro cactus can serve as the backdrop for a rock garden with low-lying cacti and succulents. Alternatively, plant a row of tall blooms, such as the foxgloves or allium, as a colorful backdrop for low plants.

Food Gardens

Since sustainability is still the byword, many homeowners are planting edibles in their gardens. This can range from a simple berry bush to a full on food garden. The key is to choose plants that thrive in your locale. If you want to try a food garden but don't want to turn your backyard into a farm, consider a single planting bed. Plant a variety of your favorites, and enjoy fresh produce throughout the harvest season.

Get creative with your gardening by trying out one or more of the above landscaping trends. Contact a local landscaping company, like Lones Stone & Landscape Supply or a similar business, for more tips and ideas.


12 April 2017

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