2 Excellent Reasons to Install Residential Irrigation


Having a landscaped yard can make the area surrounding your home that much more beautiful and also a lot more functional for you and your family. When you are determining what you would and wouldn't like to include in your landscape design, you are almost always going to want to include residential irrigation. This is going to be a water system that can essentially water every living thing that is in your yard, but predominantly your grass. There are several excellent reasons why you will want to install a residential irrigation system in your yard and this article is going to discuss two of these reasons in more detail.

Proper Amount Of Water

When you are watering your lawn with a hose and a sprinkler, there is going to be a good possibility that your lawn is not getting the amount of water that it needs to grow properly. Some areas are probably getting more water than others, which can lead to dry spots on your lawn that are unsightly and quite damaging. You also may leave the sprinkler in one area for two long which can cause this area to become flooded with too much water. When you have a sprinkler system, you are going to be able to avoid giving any portion of your grass, or other plants, too much or too little water because you can set the system to water all of your grass whatever amount that it needs. For example, the dry areas can receive more water and the areas that are healthy can receive less. You will simply need to set your clock to determine what time the sprinklers go off and how long each sprinkler is going to water a certain area. 

Your Yard Is Watered When You Are Gone 

If you go out of town, and don't have an irrigation system, then you are going to have to try and find someone who can water your lawn and plants for you. However, if you have a residential irrigation system, it will take care of all the watering without anyone having to lift a finger. You will just need to make sure that your sprinklers and your drop system are set to give all of your plants water each day. You can then go on your trip knowing that you are going to come back to a lawn and plants that are healthy and strong.

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26 April 2017

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