Preparing For Improvements To Your Property With A Survey


Having your property surveyed so that you know the boundaries is critical. If you are a new land or homeowner, you may want to upgrade or add things to the existing property but you need to be sure that the boundaries you have been given are accurate. It is not uncommon for the lines to have shifted over the years and the assumed property line changed. But property lines are not the only reason to have a survey done. Here are some reasons to consider hiring a surveyor for your property.

Sale Of The Property And ALTA Surveys

In order for a title to be issued for a property, an accurate survey is required. There are basic surveys that can be done that will define the property borders and other details but in the case of a sale, often an ALTA, or American Land Title Association survey is required. The best and most expensive type of survey offered, an ALTA survey will show more detail and include everything required by the title company for title issuance. Typically an ALTA survey will include boundary lines, rights-of-ways, the location of the main buildings, and easements for telephone, gas, other utility companies or railroads.

Construction On Your Property

If you are considering putting up a fence on your property, having a recent survey is important. Finding out that your fence is on the neighbor's property after it's completed could be an expensive mistake. Any construction on your property could be a problem if there are requirements from the municipality that define the distance from a property line for new construction. Putting a shed, pool, or even that new sunroom in could be a problem if you are too close or over the property line.

Defining Easements Or Right Of Ways

Depending on where your property is located and what is around it, there may be an easement or right of way that must be kept clear of new construction. If the original title allowed access across the property for utility companies or other property owners behind or beside your property, you need to know where that access is. A new survey will give you that information and ensure that you do not accidently block that access.

Utility Line Locations

A survey can also define the locations of utility lines that run under the property. This information is critical if you plan to dig on the property. Installing a new pool could be one example. If you start to dig on the property and rupture and line, the utility company is more than likely going to hold you responsible and make you pay for repairs to the damaged line. Having a survey completed prior to the start of the work may save you a lot of frustration and cost in the long run.


26 April 2017

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