Landscaping And Hardscaping Tips For Better Curb Appeal


You may not realize how much difference good landscaping and hardscaping can make to your curb appeal until you see it in action. Here are some ideas on how to quickly fix your landscaping and hardscaping. 

Do Triage with Older Plants

The first thing you may need to do is figure out whether older, dying plants can be saved. If they haven't been watered or nourished correctly for some time, they may be gone for good. But some plants respond well to an expert revival. You may want to chat with your landscapers about the future of these plants. If they can't be saved, find a comparable replacement to keep your yard looking fresh. 

Get Weeds Out

It's hard to see what you're working with if your yard is covered in weeds. It can make even the best gardens suffer. So, get deep into the roots of weeds and pull them out. When you take the time to collect the entire weed, there's a better chance they won't grow back. 

Get a Trim

Some of your plants just need a little bit of a trim. They may be unruly by nature, but your guests might see it as a yard that's not cared for. So ask for a landscapers opinion about how to make the garden work without getting rid of too much of the plant. 

Add Color Strategically

Once the yard is a bit more manicured, you can see where there is a lack of color. Find a color scheme that works with the exterior of your home and ask for professional design for your landscaping setup. You might want to change the arrangement of plants as well to create more defined lines of color. 

Consider Hardscaping

Finally, consider the hardscaping effects you want to add to the yard. This could be something as simple as adding borders to the edge of your planted yard areas as a starter. Retaining walls are a great idea if you have a lot of plants that are still growing; it gives their roots something to hang onto in case of soil erosion. Some people like to also hardscape the edges of their driveway for a more defined garden area. Creating a pathway from the driveway to the yard in stone could also be a nice touch. In short, you've got a lot of options to work with when it comes to sprucing up your yard. 


5 May 2017

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