Beautiful Ideas For Incorporating A Stone Retaining Wall With Landscaping


A retaining wall is a necessity if you have a sloped yard. The retaining wall holds soil back on one side, creating flat surfaces for walking, gardening, and even building. A retaining wall with landscaping also prevents topsoil from eroding when there is precipitation. A stone retaining wall can be an attractive addition to your yard. Design a landscape that beautifully incorporates your stone wall.

Modern Jogged Wall

Modern design is characterized by clean lines and adherence to geometry. If you want a modern look to your landscaping, the Landscaping Network suggests building a jogged retaining wall, which means one constructed of a series of 90-degree angles. This creates the clean lines and geometry that will give your yard a contemporary vibe. For landscaping, consider architectural-style plants, such as succulents. Alliums, which feature globes of blossoms perched on thin stems, are another mod option.

Country Wall

On the opposite side of the spectrum, maybe you want your landscaping to feel more naturalistic. In this case, you can have contractors, like L & L Excavation & Landscaping, build a stacked stone wall. The wall gives a further rustic appeal if they build it in uneven curves. For landscaping, plant against the wall for a charming contrast of greenery and stone. Likewise, consider lush plantings, like those characteristic of a cottage garden.

Pathway Wall

If your slope isn't too steep, you might only need a low wall to create a pathway. This affords you the opportunity to create a charming border to your pathway. Have the contractors build a low wall out of stone that complements your house. For instance, they could utilize regular flagstone for a contemporary effect or stacked fieldstone for a bucolic look. For landscaping, consider sensory plants. For instance, opt for herbs or fragrant flowers that are both pretty and aromatic. You could also incorporate a water fountain to add the pleasing sound of water music to your walks.


Alternatively, if you have a steep slope, you can have the contractors build a series of terraces instead of one tall wall. A series of terraces can offer different design effects. For instance, stone terraces are a common way for taming slopes in the Mediterranean. You could choose warm stones for the wall and Mediterranean plants, such as geraniums and bay laurel, for the landscaping. You can also give your terraces a modern vibe by having contractors use geometrically-shaped stones. You could choose architectural plants for this landscaping too, or opt for a minimalist approach with low groundcover plants.

Keep your topsoil in place with an attractive stone retaining wall incorporated with landscaping.


17 May 2017

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