Three Reasons To Hydroseed Your Lawn


If you need to install a new lawn, you have a few options. You could roll out pre-grown sod, or you could prepare the topsoil and scatter grass seed by hand. Another popular choice, however, is to have your lawn hydroseeded. This is a process that involves spraying grass seed, mixed into a preparation of soil and fertilizers, onto a prepared lot.

There are a few reasons why hydroseeding is often the best way to grow a new lawn.

1. It's cheaper.

Having sod rolled out onto your lawn can get pretty pricey. Homeowners pay an average of $1813 to sod a lawn, and your costs may be even higher if you have a large piece of property. This is partially because sod is cumbersome and heavy; it takes a lot of effort to haul and install. The high costs is also due to the time it takes to grow sod.

Hydroseeding is more cost-effective as there is little to no preparation required on the part of the landscapers. They just show up with their equipment and a prepared hydroseed mix, and then they spray it. The installation only takes a couple of hours at most.

2. There's less chance of a dead lawn.

When you use sod, there is always a worry that the sod won't "take," or in other words, that the sod grass won't properly send roots down into the underlying soil. Your sod may start dying off within a week or two. Hand-scattering seed also comes with a high risk of failure since the seed may blow away or be planted unevenly, causing over-crowding in some areas and bare patches in others. The fertilizers in the seed mixture ensure proper growth and root development, and the spray-on application method ensures an even lawn.

3. You don't have to mulch.

If you scatter seed by hand, you'll then need to cover it in straw or another mulching material until it germinates. With hydroseeding, however, there is no need to apply separate mulch. A loose, mulch-like material is included in the hydroseed mixture, and it sits around the seed to protect it as is germinates. It also has a pleasant, green color so your lawn looks more attractive before the grass starts growing. 

To learn more about hydroseeding, contact a landscaping company in your area like Hydrograss Technologies. They can also give you a precise estimate based on the size of your yard.


7 June 2017

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