3 Landscaping Ideas To Improve Your Home Security


While most homeowners focus only on aesthetics and perhaps maintenance when planning their landscaping, an important but often overlooked detail is how your landscaping affects your home security. Incorporating home security into your landscaping design means you not only end up with a beautiful yard and outdoor space, but also a safer and more secure home. By including these security-minded ideas in your landscape plans, you will gain a great deal of peace of mind:

Choose Smaller Bushes and Shrubs

Opting for a variety of smaller bushes, shrubs, and plants instead of large bushes or hedges adds a lot of visual interest to your landscaping while also keeping your home more secure. Smaller bushes and shrubs do not provide cover and potential hiding places like larger bushes do. This makes your home less appealing to would-be criminals than a nearby home with a large privacy hedge or bushes to hide behind. It's especially important not to have large shrubbery near windows and doors, as they may disguise or hide a criminal who is busy picking a lock.

Keep Trees Nicely Trimmed

Having your trees trimmed on a regular basis helps keep your trees healthy, but it's also good for home security. Neatly trimmed trees don't provide long, close branches that burglars can use to climb into second story windows, or as a hiding place for spying on your family or scoping out valuables. New trees should be planted far enough away from your home that they won't be tempting as an access point for criminals.

Try Adding Thorny Bushes

Thorny bushes like rosebushes, holly bushes, and bougainvillea that are covered in sharp thorns can be effective deterrents to burglars who would rather not deal with painful scratches to their faces, hands, and arms when trying to break into a home. These bushes are also quite beautiful and many varieties are small and low to the ground, so they won't detract from your other security measures.

Outdoor Lighting

The more lighting, the better, as added outdoor lighting not only makes your yard more beautiful and functional at night, but also discourages criminal activity. Path lighting, motion activated flood lights, and spotlights are all practical options. Using energy-efficient LED bulbs will ensure your new lighting doesn't have much impact on your utility bills.

These landscaping ideas will add both beauty and an added layer of security to your landscape design, while complementing other security measures such as an alarm system.


14 July 2017

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