Perfecting Your Pool: Simple Solutions To Add Style, Value, And Function


From a place to exercise and entertain friends and family members to your own spot for peace and relaxation, the benefits of a pool are easy to see. Many homeowners choose an ordinary pool that does not add much style or appeal to their home, but a few simple additions can perfect your pool. Here are some ways to enhance the look, value, and function of your swimming pool.

Fire and Water

Incorporating features that display fire and water can add enormous beauty and value to your pool. To get started, consider investing in a fireplace or fire pit near your pool. A fire feature can be added to one end of your pool, built in to produce light and add warmth for you and your guests.

If you are unable to add a fireplace onto the actual pool construction, consider installing a fire pit outside of the pool. Surround the fire pit with Adirondack chairs so you and your guests can lounge in a warm, well-lit area after swimming.

Your contractor can also incorporate a waterfall into the pool construction. The sight and sound of running water will add instant appeal to your home and outdoor living space. In addition, a waterfall is a relaxing addition for your family and guests. Contact a company like Outdoor Living FX to start planning your waterfall feature.


Landscaping is an imperative part of your home's curb appeal. Not only does it make your home more appealing, but it can also offer you a return on your investment between 5 and 20 percent. Thankfully, improving the look of your pool with landscape design is actually simple.

If you live in a warm climate, consider investing in a few palm trees to plant around the pool. Palm trees align with the tropical feel of your pool, but they can also add a small amount of shade to the area, which will be helpful on hot summer days.

Lighting is also an important part of the landscape design around your pool. Interior pool lighting is essential, but adding light fixtures in the area surrounding the pool is also beneficial.

Consider uplighting your palm trees and other plants. Also, string lights hanging over a seating/dining area that is near your pool will enhance the appeal of your outdoor living space while providing you and your guests with a better visual at night.

Your pool is a perfect investment, but you can add even more style, value, and function. With these tips, your pool will be an appealing, relaxing, valuable, and functional area of your home's exterior.


13 September 2017

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