3 Tips To Create Curb Appeal For Your Home With Affordable Landscaping Renovations


Curb appeal is important for the value of your home. It is also something that gives your home an attractive personal touch. A major part of curb appeal is the landscaping design, which older homes often have outdated and neglected landscaping. There are affordable projects that you may want to consider to makeover the landscaping around your home. Here are a few tips that will help you get started with affordable landscaping renovations for curb appeal:

1. Hardscaping Improvements That Cost Little and Look Great

If you want to makeover the landscaping of your home, hardscaping features are great. What are hardscaping features? They are any inanimate features that are manmade, such as pavement, retaining walls and other landscaping structures. These features do not have to be costly, consider projects like paver paths or using timber for small retaining walls and borders around flower beds. To keep costs down, use materials that are available, such a natural tree debris or rocks found around your home to use as pavers or other features like rock gardens.

2. Tree Care and Recycling Waste for Landscaping Renovations

Tree care is something that is important to maintain your landscaping. If you have a lot of trees around your home, you may want to thin them out to help clean up the landscaping. Trimming and pruning is another task that you will need to do regularly to maintain trees. There is a lot of debris from tree care that can be repurposed for your landscaping. You may want to use materials like large timbers for different features with hardscaping. The smaller materials can be reduced to mulch with a wood chipper and used as a ground covering and compost for your garden.

3. Ground Cover and Plants That Require Little Care for Landscaping

There are many different materials and ways to use ground cover in your landscaping renovations. If you want to create flower beds, mulch from tree waste will make a great material to use for groundcover. There are also synthetic materials and gravels that can be used to create decorative designs and paths that fit in with the renovations you are doing to your landscaping.

These are a few affordable landscaping renovation projects that will give your home curb appeal. If you need help making over the landscaping around your home, contact a landscaping maintenance service to help with some of these improvements to your home.

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17 October 2017

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