Care For A Living Evergreen Tree This Holiday Season Before Replanting It Outdoors Next Spring


If you are going to be purchasing a living evergreen tree to decorate your home this holiday season and plan on replanting the tree outdoors in the spring where a damaged shrub is currently located, use the tips below to help you care for the living tree while it is in your home and remove and dispose of the shrub in preparation for the replanting of the tree next spring:


  • watering can
  • water
  • cart
  • garden hoe
  • shovel
  • power saw
  • mulcher
  • compost pile
  • buckets
  • lids
  • topsoil
  • rake

Care For The Evergreen Tree

While the evergreen tree is in your home, care for it the same as you would care for a tree that is outdoors. Set the tree in front of a window so that it receives ample sunlight and water the tree every few days. The soil that is contained in the pot should be fairly saturated after adding water to ensure that the tree's roots receive enough water. As it gets closer to spring, lift the pot from the floor and place it and the tree on top of a flat cart so that you can easily transport the tree outdoors when you are ready to replant it in the ground.

Dig Up The Bush And Cut It Into Small Pieces

If you live in a climate that is moderately warm and the ground isn't prone to freezing, remove the damaged bush from the ground. Use a hoe or shovel to remove soil that surrounds the bottom of the bush. After the bush's roots are uncovered, pull the entire bush out of the ground and lay the bush on its side. Use a power saw to cut the bush into small pieces.

If you do not want to dispose of the entire bush, place the wood-covered portions of the bush inside of a mulching machine so that you can cut the wood into small pieces. Pour the mulch chips into a bucket that has a lid attached to it. After you plant the evergreen tree outdoors in the spring, you can add the mulch around the tree to prevent the soil from drying out. Leaves and other small clippings can be placed inside of a compost pile or tossed into lawn and leaf bags before disposing of them.

Use a large shovel to add topsoil to the property where the bush used to be. Rake the property if parts of the ground are slightly uneven. In the spring, you will be able to replant the evergreen tree without delay. 

Contact a company like Arborcare Tree Service for more information and assistance. 


30 November 2017

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