3 Solutions To Help You Deal With Stubborn Stumps After Having A Tree Removal Done


Sometimes, tree removal leaves you with a stubborn stump sticking up in the middle of your lawn. What are some of the options to help get rid of the stump? You may want to consider bringing it, digging it up or having a stump removal service grind the stump down into mulch-like material. Here are some tips that will help you deal with the stubborn stump that is left behind after having a tree removal done:

1. Burning the Stump or Using Chemicals to Remove It

One of the options that you will want to consider getting rid of your stump is burning. This is something that you should consider when doing the job, yourself. If you want to make a stump burn faster, use something to cover it and make a chimney over it with metal, which you can heat up by burning lawn and tree removal waste. This will help make the stump burn quicker by quickly heating up the area that is covered with the chimney.

2. Hard Labor Digging Up the Stump to Remove It

Another option that you may want to consider dealing with your tree stump problem is physically digging it up. Digging is hard labor, but can easily be done with the help of equipment like backhoes, which can be rented from tool rental services. The easiest way to do this is to dig around the shoots and then cut them with a saw until the stump is loose and can be pulled out. Some trees have tap roots that shoot downwards and will need to be cut too to get the stubborn stump loose from its grip on the Earth.

3. Stump Grinding Services to Quickly Deal with Stubborn Stumps

It is a lot of work to remove a stubborn stump, which you may not want to do on your own. Stump grinding services can help you with this task and quickly get rid of your stump problem. These machines are a series of circular saw blades that will chip the stump down until there is nothing left but a pile of saw dust.

These are some tips that will help you deal with stubborn stumps that need to be removed. If you need to get an old stump removed quickly, contact a landscaping service, like Anderson Landscaping, and ask them about stump removal to recover you landscaping and eliminate the unsightly stump in your yard. 


16 December 2017

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