Protecting The Interior & Exterior of a House Against Storms


Bad weather can destroy the interior and exterior of a house in no time, especially if a homeowner hasn't taken protective measures. The worst thing about storms is that they are natural and can develop when least expected. Although preventing a storm from developing isn't something can do, you can still reduce the risk of it causing severe damage to your property. For instance, proper care and maintenance for your trees can make them strong enough to withstand various types of storms. The suggestions in this article will give you an idea of the protective measures that can be done to protect your property against bad weather.

Get the Proper Care for Your Trees

Trees can easily be damaged in a storm when they are in bad shape. If your trees have weak branches from being neglected, it is possible that a tree service can reinforce them for more strength. For instance, rather than removing weak branches to reduce the risk of them breaking off during a storm, braces can be placed on them. It is also wise to get the trees inspected for diseases, as they can possibly be treated before causing too many problems. Regular maintenance by a professional, like those at Horton Tree Service, is the most ideal way to keep trees healthy and strong.

Consider Hurricane Shutters for Windows

One windows are blown out by the wind or debris that storms sometimes bring, it is easier for the roof to fly off and your belongings to be damaged. You can keep the windows intact during most storms if they are protected by hurricane shutters. The shutters are constructed in a sturdier manner than the ones that are commonly used on houses. Hurricane shutters are made of a strong metal that is difficult for wind and debris to break through. You can purchase the shutters in various designs to complement the exterior of your house.

Surround Your House With French Drain Tiles

French captain tiles are very handy when it comes to bad weather. The reason why is because they can be installed in your yard and to create a drainage system. If you get the drain tiles installed all around your property, it will be more difficult for rain water to flood your yard during storms. French drain tiles can also protect your trees from some of the diseases that can develop from the roots being exposed to too much water. Phytophthora root rot is one of the diseases that can develop.


6 May 2018

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