Three Advantages Of Smart Irrigation Systems


Many major appliances are now being made with internet capabilities, which allow them to perform a wider range of functions when compared to their older counterparts, and irrigation systems are no different. "Smart" irrigation systems are able to connect to your wireless network, giving them increased functionality and effectiveness when compared to their older, low-tech precursors. Understanding some of the advantages associated with a smart irrigation system can help you figure out if they are the right fit for your landscaping and watering needs.

Scheduling and Connectivity

One of the largest advantages associated with smart irrigation systems is the fact that their schedules are able to be updated from anywhere with an internet connection. This can allow you to create a schedule, adjust it, and make any changes needed to the operation of your sprinklers, drip hoses, and other irrigation fixtures as needed. You can also receive updates and notifications that may be relevant to your scheduling even when you are away from your yard.

Weather Adjustments

Another major benefit associated with smart irrigation systems is the fact that they are able to monitor the local weather and make adjustments based on rainfall levels, temperature, and other relevant weather factors. This means that you won't have to worry about accidentally flooding your yard or that your current level of watering is inadequate based on the hot streak that you may be currently experiencing.

Zone Control

Beyond easy scheduling and automatic weather updates, it is important to note that a smart irrigation system in your landscape will be able to be easily and accurately zoned using an app or computer. This allows you to create specific watering patterns and schedules based on the watering needs of specific areas and plants in your yard – a degree of accuracy that older irrigation systems are unable to meet. These zones can also be easily adjusted on the fly, again from wherever you are as long as you have access to the internet.

Water Savings

All of the above points basically result in a single major benefit for your yard and landscape: water savings. Since you are able to quickly adjust the schedule, zoning, and watering levels based on weather conditions as needed, you can ensure that you are using the appropriate amount of water for your plant life – and not a drop more. Not only does this reduce your utility bills, but it also makes your yard more environmentally friendly and reduces the risk of overwatering and damaging to your crops.

For more information about your irrigation options, contact a local lawn maintenance company. 


26 June 2018

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