4 Perennials To Consider For Summer Blooms


Good quality landscaping not only improves the look of your home ā€“ it can also increase your home's total value. From a healthy and lush lawn to mature trees, outdoor living, and flowerbeds, landscaping your home could become overwhelming. In the summer season, maintaining this newly-established landscape can be intimidating because of the hot temperatures and drought-like conditions. Fortunately, help is available. This guide will provide you with a few perennial plants to add to your landscape if you want colorful blooms through the summer season.

Shasta Daisy

The Shasta Daisy is one of the easiest and most attractive perennials to include in your landscape design, especially since it blooms throughout the warmer temperatures of summer. For the largest blooms, plant in a location that receives full sun.

While not invasive, these flowers do require a bit of space. Make sure to allow at least 1 to 2 feet between each Shasta Daisy. Plant in a smaller flower bed with only these daisy flowers or add to larger area among shrubs and other perennials for an appealing array of color and texture that lasts through the summer.


If you love the classic look of the Shasta Daisy, the Coneflower is another great perennial to include for your summer landscape. Coneflowers are available in a variety of colors including red, orange, yellow, and pink.

Coneflowers should also be planted in full sun, but make sure the soil is well drained. The flowers do not require much water, since they are drought tolerant. However, be sure to water the flower and surrounding soil immediately after planting.


Most people are surprised to learn there is a perennial type of geranium even though they are most often classified as annual flowers. These flowers make great border plants, adding a soft touch of color around shrubs, trees, and flowerbeds without requiring much effort.

Choose a shady spot for your perennial geraniums because they do not do well when exposed to constant sunlight. The soil should be well-drained, preventing the geranium from getting too moist and developing a fungal infection.


Not only is it an attractive flower, but lavender is also useful. It can be used in favorite foods and beverages or added to a garden or outdoor living space to repel bugs. No matter how you plan to enjoy it, lavender is a must-have if you want summer blooms.

Lavender does prefer full sun, as well, and well-drained soil. Because they tend to grow bushy and wide, leave a few feet between each of your lavender plants.

Work with a custom landscaping service for more ideas.


4 June 2019

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