A Look At Three Inexpensive Erosion Control Methods For Agricultural Property


As a farm owner, there are a lot of things about your property that can get in the way of you being able to make a profit, and one of those problems is soil erosion. If you have issues with soil erosion, whether it is due to wind or water, it can make a plot of ground almost completely unusable for crops. While erosion control is most often thought of as an expensive measure, it really doesn't have to be if you are working with the right service professionals. There are actually some forms of erosion control that are not all that complicated or expensive. 

Consider planting a cover crop in some erosion-prone areas.

Cover crops are inexpensive crops that usually have a dense root system so they will prevent soil from washing or blowing away. A cover crop may be something as simple as clover or fescue, neither of which are expensive to plant and both offer a low-profile growth and something you can actually harvest for hay later on. If you have certain areas that are getting washed or blown into other crop areas and it is causing issues, planting a cover crop in surrounding fields can do a lot of good. 

Look into contour plowing methods for erosion control. 

Contour plowing methods can actually be done with equipment you may already have on hand as a farm owner and the plowing method is not hard to achieve. Essentially, you will be creating contoured rows in the ground so anything that does get blown or washed away will fall into the small valleys between each row. Contouring is designed to control the flow of water on the field because it is naturally going to flow over the path of least resistance. 

 Find out if buffer strips will work on your property. 

Buffer strips are just as they sound; small strips of ground that act as a buffer to control wind or water erosion. Buffer strips can be implemented in a vast array of different ways. The small amount of landmass that has to be covered is what makes this an inexpensive option because just about any method can be used to create a buffer strip. For example, a buffer strip created with injected ceramic at the top of a hill can prevent soil erosion because it will slow water runoff when it is just getting started down a slope. 

For more information about soil erosion control, contact a company in your area like Holleman Hydroseeding & Erosion Control LLC.


10 September 2019

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