Tips For Maintaining A Golf Course


People visit golf courses to play a game that they love and to relax. However, actually maintaining a golf course and attracting golfers to play on the course requires a lot of work. If you own or manage a golf course, it is essential to take care of it properly if you want your course to be top rated and popular with golfers of all skill levels. Golf courses are large in size, so proper maintenance can take a lot of time and effort. Use the following tips to help keep your golf course in top condition:

Hire a Turf Management Professional

When it comes to golf courses, few things are more important than the quality of the grass. If you want to ensure that your greens are in excellent condition all year round, the best thing you can do is invest in the services of a turf management professional. A full-time turf management professional will take care of all aspects of maintenance relating to the grass on your course, including keeping it mowed to the proper length, filling in divots, fertilizing according to schedule, and overseeding at the right time. Turf management services are a huge resource for any golf course.

Service Golf Carts

Most golfers rent golf carts to get around the golf course, especially when playing 18 holes. Thus, it is important that your golf carts are in good working condition at all times. The last thing that you want is an angry customer due to the fact that a golf cart broke down in the middle of a round. Like automobiles, golf carts have specific service schedules. Make sure that the golf carts are inspected on a very regular basis and stick to the recommended service schedule in order to extend the lifespan of your golf cart fleet.

Pay Attention to the Trees

While the greens may be the star of a golf course, trees play an important supporting role. Trees enhance the beauty of a golf course and also help keep it comfortable by providing shade. However, if the trees are not properly cared for, they can impede a golfer's view and make it more difficult to get a good shot. If you have mature trees on the property of your golf course, you will need to have them trimmed regularly. In addition to making the trees look better, trimming them also keeps them healthy. 


16 October 2019

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