Lawn Care Services During The Dry Season


During the dry season, nothing really grows the same way. For lawn care services, this can mean shifting the focus from mowing and edging, to trimming and beautifying.

Here are some of the ways that your lawn care service pro can help keep your property looking its best even during the dry season.

Pruning and Culling

The dry season has a way of exposing the weakest bushes, shrubs, grasses, flowers, vines, and trees on your property.

  • Pruning: during the driest times of year you'll probably notice that some leaves and branches look more barren than others. These eyesores are a sign that the plant probably needs to be pruned. Your lawn care service pro can prune these branches or cut back stalks on bushes to  them look better and help them grow back stronger. When pruning these plants, the lawn care service pro reuse what they cut to create mulch and filler to be used around your property.
  • Culling: sometimes pruning might not be enough. The dry season is a great time to reassess the general health of the plants on your property. For instance, you might notice that one of your trees is struggling or the flowers you planted years ago have encroached on your grass. Because the dry season normally creates various hues of brown, you can easily distinguish between your plants. Your lawn care service pro can create a fresh landscaping design for you that begins with removing your most vulnerable and/or unsightly problem plants.

Weeding and Seeding

Weeds and other native plants are likely to withstand draughts better than non-native plants. Although you might want to add more draught resistant plants to your lawn or flower beds, your lawn care service pro can help you weed and seed so that your yard thrives during the wet season.

  • Weeding: the dry season can also be the weedy season for your lawn. Not only can your lawn care service pro thoroughly weed your lawn, flower beds, and other areas, but they can install ground protection for mulched areas and spray herbicides that keep the weeds from returning.
  • Seeding: after your yard is weed-free, your lawn care service pro can seed your yard with the perfect blend of seeds for your soil and preferences. After testing your soil for PH levels, you lawn care service pro can re-seed it with grass seeds that are perfectly suited for you soil.

To learn more about lawn care during the dry season, contact a professional lawn service company in your area. 


24 March 2020

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