Five Commercial Lawn Mowing Tips


Professional lawn mowing services are a must for a commercial property. The following tips can help you get the most out of the investment in lawn care.

1. Set a Schedule

Choose a lawn mowing service that can adhere to a set schedule. This allows you to know not only the day, but also the time window in which the landscapers will be on the property. If your business has a lot of customer traffic or frequent deliveries, it's ideal to schedule lawn mowing for the hours or day your business is closed or at least for a time window when you tend to have fewer customers onsite.

2. Adapt Your Irrigation

It's best to have the lawn mowed when it's dry. Mowing a wet lawn can result in torn up grass, ruts, and mud. One of the benefits of having a lawn service arrive on a set schedule is that you can adapt your irrigation schedule to match. Don't water the lawn for the 24 hours preceding your scheduled lawn maintenance appointment. This will ensure the ground and grass is dry enough to mow without damage.

3. Insist On Variation

All too often people fall into patterns, and lawn mowing is no different. If your lawn service mows the grass in the same pattern every single time, you will eventually notice ruts and sparse areas in the lawn. For this reason, your service should vary the pattern each time the mow. For example, on the first visit the lawn is mowed in horizontal stripes, and then it is mowed in vertical stripes the next visit. This variation prevents ruts and keeps the grass from weakening and laying in one direction.

4. Include Edging Services

No lawn mower can fully cut the grass along the edges where lawn meets paving. To keep your walkways and curbing looking nice and well kept, edging is necessary. Your lawn mowing service will use an edger to cut out an even strip of turf between the paving and the lawn. This needs to be done every four to six weeks during the growing season. Not only will the lawn look better, weeds will be less likely to encroach via a crisp edge. Further, the grass won't grow over the sidewalk and become a tripping hazard.

5. Invest In Haul Away

Some lawn services simply blow the lawn clippings back onto the grass or into the parking lot. This can be a problem on commercial properties since wet clippings can be a slipping hazard. Request that the clippings are removed from the lawn and hauled away. This will both look better and be safer.

Contact a commercial lawn mowing service to learn more about the options available for your property.


17 September 2020

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