Visit Your Local Garden Center In Advance Of These Weekend Projects


A lot of landscaping projects for your yard are large enough that they require either several days of your time or help from a professional. There are others, however, that are often possible to complete in a weekend or less. If you have an open weekend coming up and you want to use it for the betterment of your yard, consider visiting a local garden center for inspiration. You'll be able to browse all sorts of supplies, as well as talk to employees to get expert advice about several projects. Here are three weekend projects for which an advance visit to a garden center is a must.

Lawn Repair

If you've noticed some problematic areas of your lawn, you might want to improve them. There are various ways that you can accomplish this goal, and your local garden center carries an assortment of products that you can use. If there's a large dip in your own, consider buying a bag of topsoil to fill in the void, and then sprinkling grass seed over the soil. If the problems with your lawn are more significant, you might even wish to buy a few rolls of sod and lay them down in the areas in question.

Pond Installation

While some homeowners hire professionals to build elaborate ponds in their yards, the do-it-yourself approach can also work with smaller projects. If you want a small pond near a garden or anywhere in your yard, your local garden center sells the materials that you'll need. You can buy a shovel to dig an appropriate-sized hole, and then a hard-shell pond that you can lower into the hole. Garden centers also sell pumps and other pond accessories, as well as water plants that you can grow in the pond water for visual appeal.

Garden Edging

Proper edging along the perimeter of a garden can help to give your yard a tidy, organized appearance. If you have one or more gardens that could benefit from this job, it's an easy one to tackle in a weekend. Visit your garden center to buy an edging tool, which will allow you to dig along the perimeter of the garden to make a smooth edge. You can also buy a wide variety of supplies to use along the garden's edge. For example, some people use a specialized plastic or rubber edging product that you hammer into the ground. Another option is to buy bricks or paver stones that you can place in this area.

If you have other questions, contact a local garden center.


2 December 2020

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