Does A Lot Of Snow Stay On Your Asphalt Parking Lot? How This Causes Damage, And Tips To Remove The Snow


If you own a business and your parking lot has a lot of snow that stays on it during the winter, this can cause damage. Some of this damage can be easy to repair while others will be very expensive. Below are some types of damages you can expect to happen, as well as tips to remove and keep the snow off the parking lot.

Snow Damage

A parking lot that has constant moisture will make the asphalt break down over time. Cracks will start to develop, and these cracks can turn into larger holes. Before you know it, you will have potholes in your parking lot, which can damage cars that drive over the pothole. 

When snow is on your parking lot and it melts and then freezes again, this is known as the freeze/thaw cycle. When the temperatures fluctuate during the winter the melting snow will melt into cracks and crevices when it is above freezing. When it freezes, this water that is in the cracks and crevices will freeze and make the asphalt expand. When this happens, cracks become much larger. 

If you have a lot of snow on your parking lot, you may not even realize that you have damage, such as cracks or small holes, until it is too late.

Snow Removal

The best way to protect your parking lot is to keep the snow off of it. If you have a large parking lot, you may find this difficult to do on your own. Because of this hire a snow removal company to remove the snow for you. They have better snowplows that they use that allows them to remove the snow much quicker than you could. 

When hiring a snow removal company, ask them to go over the snow removal process with you, such as what do they do with the snow they plow from your parking lot. Contact the snow removal company after each snow you have, or you can set up a schedule with them. 

Use a de-icer around your entrance area to prevent ice from building up. It is important that you rinse the de-icer away when the temperatures go up. This is because the de-icer can damage asphalt if it sits on it for long periods of time. There are also snow melting systems that can be installed under a parking lot. This is best done when laying a new parking lot, however.

The commercial snow removal company that you hire can give you much more information.   


7 December 2020

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