Landscape Trends You May Want To Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Space In 2021


Whether you are designing a landscape for a new home or giving an old landscape an update, trends for 2021 will not disappoint. New landscape trends are far from boring and focus on outdoor living more than ever. Whether you want to garden or simply use your backyard for relaxation and entertaining, you are sure to find something you love about landscaping trends for the new year.

More play, less work

Maintaining a beautiful lawn used to mean spending hours performing upkeep tasks. Today's outdoor spaces are developed to bring more happiness with less work. Smaller lawn spaces that require less mowing are being made possible by using more ground cover plants to cut upkeep time.  

Look for less structured lawns and more of a back-to-nature appeal. Planting more perennials is growing in popularity to cut down on yearly planting of annuals. Large vegetable gardens are being replaced by compact containers or raised garden beds that take up little space and require minimal maintenance tasks.

Focused recreational areas

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many homeowners to focus on updating their outdoor space, as they are spending more time entertaining at home. Look for outdoor kitchens to pop up on patios and decks and luxury outdoor furniture to grow in popularity to make entertaining at home fun and comfortable.

Built-in firepits will become the focal point of outdoor spaces when they are designed with beautiful stone and brickwork. Look for larger patios or decks that will transform backyards into outdoor living areas.

Private spaces

Secluded areas in the backyard, where you can go to get away from it all, are expected to be a sought-after element in landscape design in 2021. These spaces are secluded and hidden by shrubs, trees, dense vegetation, or a hardscaped wall. Aromatic plants, such as lavender, provide a soothing and natural scent to these private backyard havens.

These private areas may be as simple as a small clearing in a cluster of trees to hang a hammock or may be elaborate and contain a built-in wooden platform for practicing yoga or exercising. Small ponds or hardscaped fountains are popular finishing touches to these private spaces.

Designing a great landscape will improve the value and beauty of your property. More importantly, a great outdoor space will provide you with a place to garden, entertain, or simply relax. Today's landscape designs are all about making it easy for you to enjoy outdoor living more than ever before.

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8 December 2020

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