A Guide To Decking Materials


Before you can install your new deck, you need to decide what type of decking material to use. There are three main choices available, so you must compare all three. 


Once upon a time, all decks were made from wood, and it is still a popular material today. Wood is often the most cost-effective option, particularly if you go with softwoods. It's important to note that softwoods must be pressure treated to prevent rot and insect issues. Hardwoods, such as teak, are another option since they can withstand weathering and pest issues without treatment. 

One issue to keep in mind with wood is that it does require ongoing maintenance. The deck must be sealed or painted regularly to protect it from weathering. This can be as often as yearly depending on how quickly the wood weathers. Wood decks are not as long-lasting as other options, so saving on installation now can end up costing more in the long run when it comes to maintenance and replacement costs. 


Composite decking contains wood particles along with binders, polyethylene, and other preservatives. These materials are compressed together into boards, which are formed to resemble natural wood decking. The decking boards are extremely durable and can withstand weathering, so the need for repair or replacement is rare.

The main concern with composite is that it does cost more than the most basic pressure-treated wood decking but is comparable in cost to the more durable hardwoods. Choices in color and design can also be more limited since composite can't be stained or painted to the desired color. There are options designed to mimic the look and color of wood, so it does provide a low-maintenance alternative if you prefer a wood-look deck. 


PVC decking is sold under a variety of brand names, but all are made of the same material. It is typically the most expensive option when it comes to decking, but it also one of the most durable. PVC decking also requires no maintenance other than periodic cleaning, which can be done with a water hose or a deck brush. 

The main drawback is appearance. Colors are limited and the decking boards tend to look the least like wood. If a wood look isn't important to your landscaping aesthetic, and low maintenance and a long life is a high priority, then PVC decking is the right choice. 

Contact a deck installation contractor if need more information. 


22 June 2021

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