Hire Professionals To Reduce Landscape Upkeep With Several Additions


Maintaining a landscape can become demanding and time-consuming, especially when you consider potential issues from weather and pests. Reducing landscape upkeep may appeal to you as a homeowner because it will help you spend more free time with family and friends. Hire landscapers to make several additions that will reduce landscape maintenance demands.

Irrigation System

Install an irrigation system to cut down or eliminate watering by hand. For instance, you can add sprinklers throughout the entire landscape to cover all your grass, plants, and trees. While standard sprinklers work well, you can pick from many sprinkler types for an optimal setup.

Rotary sprinkler heads excel at watering large areas, making them worth prioritizing for a large front or backyard. A flood or bubbler sprinkler is better suited for groundcover plants and shrubs because it does such a great job of saturating a small soil area to keep roots healthy.

Pop-up sprinklers are also worth considering if you are worried about sprinkler heads becoming damaged by your children, pets, or guests. These sprinkler heads come out of the ground during scheduled watering and then go back down into the ground after they finish.

A landscaping service can figure out what irrigation system setup will most effectively reduce upkeep demands.

Retaining Wall

Add a retaining wall to protect certain areas from erosion. This feature will also help you control water flow by keeping it in one place, such as where flood-tolerant plants are located. You can grow a lot of these plants above the retaining wall to prevent flood problems in your yard.

Another benefit of a retaining wall is leveling out your landscape. You may notice certain plants struggling to thrive because they do not get enough water on uneven ground. Also, sensitive plants can experience similar issues by receiving too much water because of leveling.


Mulch is a worthwhile feature to add for reducing upkeep all around. Even the lowest upkeep grass or groundcover will require maintenance on occasion. So, you can invest in a long-lasting and durable mulch, such as rubber, pea gravel, or lava rock, that will last for many years. These mulch options will get cleaned on their own from rainfall.

Maintaining a landscape can require a lot of work, depending on its features and qualities. Hire professionals to add these features and reduce how much work you must put into upkeep.

Contact a landscaping service in your area to learn more.


8 September 2021

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