5 Most Desirable Items In Good Landscaping


Landscaping modifies the land to suit a particular purpose. The landscaping process combines the art and the science of horticulture and landscape architecture. Landscaping is done for different reasons: improve the appearance of a property, create more usable space, reduce maintenance costs, and for safety and security. Good landscaping uses both living and non-living objects to create a beautiful whole. What are the most desirable items in good landscaping?

1. Shade Trees and Shrubs

 Shade trees are great for landscaping in areas that see lots of sunshine. They provide shade for people and objects such as cars. They also provide shelter for birds. Shade trees also help to reduce the temperature of a home. Shade trees include oak, willow, maple, ash, and elm. 

Shrubs are another important organic element in good landscaping. They can feature in beds and borders or as specimens in lawns. Shrubs add color to the landscape, provide food and shelter for small animals, and help to control erosion. Some shrub types include dogwood, rhododendron, viburnum, hydrangea, azalea, holly, and juniper.

2. Low Care Perennial Plants 

 Low care perennial plants are highly desirable in good landscaping. You will have minimal maintenance and you can use them in beds, borders, and lawns. They can also be used as foundation plants and around water features. 

Low-care perennial plants include peonies, iris, hostas, asters, roses, clematis, phlox, and sedum. Some grasses that work well for good landscaping include Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and perennial rye.  

3. Gravel and Rocks

Gravel and rocks are essential elements in good landscaping. They can be used to create paths, beds, and other aesthetic elements. They are also used for drainage, erosion control, and creating barriers. Some types of rocks for landscaping include limestone, granite, basalt, and bluestone.  

4. Groundcovers  

Groundcovers are also an important element in good landscaping. They help control erosion, create color, and add texture to the landscape. Some types of groundcovers include ivy, periwinkle, creeping thyme, English ivy, and vinca. 

5. Pots and Planters  

Pots and planters are unmissable in good landscaping. They can be used to add color and texture to the landscape. They can also hold herbs, flowers, or other plants. Some pot types include Terra cotta pots, wooden pots, aluminum pots, plastic pots, and stone pots.

Would you like to change your property's look? Talk to a landscaping contractor about workable landscaping designs to keep your home looking beautiful throughout the year. 

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12 January 2022

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