Reducing Your Commercial Property's Soil Erosion Problems


Erosion issues can be a major problem for commercial properties. In addition to the risk of excessive soil erosion creating structural issues, these problems can also impair the accessibility of the property as well as increase the chances of an accident occurring. To combat excessive erosion, businesses will have a few options that they can utilize, including:

Improving Runoff Management

Runoff during strong storms can be a major contributing factor to erosion problems. Upgrading the gutters and installing French drain systems can be an option that will reduce the ability of runoff to carry away soil with it. Before making these changes, it is best to consult with a residential soil erosion control service as they can help you determine the types of runoff management upgrades that will have the biggest effect.

Installing Erosion Control Netting

While many erosion problems will be a permanent issue that a business needs to manage with its property, there are other times when the erosion problems will be temporary. A common example of this can be during a period when major landscaping work is being done. In these situations, much of the soil may be bare while waiting for new sod or plants to be placed, which can make it prone to washing away during heavy rains. The use of erosion control netting will hold the soil in place until the plants have been placed so that the topsoil will not be at risk of washing away.

Soil Stabilization

Some properties will have soil that is fairly unstable and loose. This type of soil can be far more prone to washing away during periods of heavy rains. Depending on the severity of the soil stability issue, it may be necessary to invest in stabilization upgrades. In particular, the use of lime can help to bind the soil together so that it will be less able to wash away during heavy rain. However, the use of these products may make it harder to grow plants in the area, and this will need to be assessed by the property owner.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be another upgrade that you may have to make to reduce the damage that excessive erosion is able to cause. When installing a retaining wall, you can physically hold soil in place so that it will be less able to wash away or shift positions. Luckily, retaining walls can be designed to be an attractive addition, which can protect the aesthetics of your property.  


17 March 2022

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