5 Pros Of Landscaping Rock As Mulch


When adding mulch to your landscaping, don't overlook rock mulch. There are a few reasons why this may be the superior option for your yard.

1. Easy Delivery

Landscaping rock isn't typically sold by the bag, which you must then load up and haul home. Most rock suppliers include delivery in every order, which means its brought right to your yard. The rock is also ordered by the cubic foot rather than the bag, so you can get exactly what you need instead of being stuck with extra mulching materials that have nowhere to go.

2. Wind-Proof

A common complaint with organic mulches such as bark chips and pine straw is that they are light enough to get blown out of the garden bed on a windy day. These lighter mulches will also sometimes wash out of a bed, ending up on sidewalks, driveways, or in the grass. Of course, if these mulches aren't in the garden bed, they also aren't doing the landscaping any good. Rock mulch, even the smaller gravel types, are much heavier so you don't have to worry about wind or washouts causing a mess.

3. Better Drainage

In landscaping areas with poor drainage, traditional wood mulches may not be much help. They'll simply absorb the water instead of helping it drain away. Rock mulch is non-absorbent yet extremely porous, so you can be assured that it will actually help with the drainage in wet and low-lying areas. This quality makes rock mulch the best choice for rain gardens, dry creeks, and other areas where drainage needs to be improved. 

4. Controls Weeds

One of the purposes of any type of mulch is to suppress weeds. Rock mulch does this exceptionally well, in part due to the installation process that combines a thick layer of the rock with a weed-blocking underlayment. In areas where the rock is the primary groundcover, you can easily control any weeds that do break through with herbicide spot treatments.

5. Multiple Options

When it comes to the look of the mulch, there is something for everyone. You can find landscaping rocks in a variety of sizes from tiny pea gravel to large river stones. It's available in smooth or rough textures, as well as in a variety of stone types and colors. You can even find rocks with a sparkle, often the result of quartz or mica in the rock. 

Contact a landscape rock delivery service if you are ready to take your landscape mulching to the next level. A business like Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc has more information.


26 April 2022

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