Planting Citrus Trees On Your Property


Many individuals are attracted to the idea of placing a citrus tree on their property. While one of these trees can allow the homeowner to enjoy the fruit that they have grown themselves, there are some unique needs that these trees will need to have met, and it is important to understand these needs so that you will know what you should expect from your new citrus tree.

Transplanted Citrus Trees Can Need A Season Or Two To Start Producing Fruit

After a citrus tree has been transplanted to your property, it will have an adjustment period. This can be due to the immense amount of stress that the plant can experience due to the sudden change in the surrounding soil. As a result, the tree may have reduced growth for the first season or two, and it may not produce fruit during this time. By being aware of this reality, you can be less likely to find yourself surprised if the tree experiences these issues.

A Citrus Tree Will Require Soil With Exceptional Drainage

The soil type that is around the citrus tree will be extremely important for determining the overall health of the plants. Citrus trees naturally grow in areas that have sandy soil types. As a result, the roots of these plants have evolved to need soil that has good drainage. Failing to provide sufficient drainage can lead to the roots developing rot and disease that could severely decrease the health of the plant. If your property does not have sandy soil, you may need to arrange for this soil to be added over a large area around the tree. This can provide enough space for the roots to grow before they encounter areas that have poor drainage.

There Are Citrus Trees That Can Be Placed In Pots

Individuals often assume that landscaping citrus trees will always be extremely large and have to be placed directly into the soil. While this is a common assumption, it is not the case as there are citrus trees that are small enough to fit in pots. In addition to being easier to place on your property, these trees can also have the advantage of being small enough to be brought into the garage or other areas when extremely cold weather arrives. This can be necessary as citrus trees are extremely vulnerable to suffering damage from cold temperatures. To make this easier, you may want to place the pots that hold these trees on platforms that have wheels that can help with moving them. 

For more info, contact a local company that sells landscape citrus trees.  


6 June 2022

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