Looking For Summer Landscape Protection? Organic Mulch 101


When you're trying to finalize your landscaping plan for the summer, one of the things you need to give careful consideration to is your mulch application. Before you call for any landscape mulch, it's important to understand why organic mulch material might be the best solution. Here's a look at some of the many benefits of organic mulch for your garden.

Added Nutrients

When you apply natural mulch around the base of shrubs, gardens, and flower beds, you'll get the benefit of increased nutrients in the soil over time. Organic mulch breaks down over time, contributing its own nutrients to the soil.

Fewer Weeds

Organic mulch will inhibit the germination of weed seeds, minimizing or completely eliminating weed growth in your planting beds. Mulch application blocks sunlight from reaching the soil beneath, which helps inhibit weed germination.

Moisture Retention

Especially in the peak heat of summer, if there's been very little rain, you'll want to make every possible effort to retain moisture in the soil of your landscape beds and around your shrubs and trees. Mulch applied in these areas can do just that because mulch creates a barrier between the soil and the sunlight, which causes evaporation and soil dry-out. This helps ensure that your landscape plants get the moisture that they need even when rain is scarce.

Temperature Regulation

If you have plants with delicate, sensitive root systems, you want to maintain as consistent a soil temperature as possible. Avoiding overheating soil is easy with the right organic mulch product. Your landscape contractor can help you choose the material that's the best option based on your plants and your landscape needs.

Soil Stability

Adding organic mulch to your landscape beds also contributes to soil stability. Rain water filters through the mulch, slowing it down and minimizing the washout effect it can have on the soil. This is particularly beneficial for those who live with sandy, soft, or less stable soil because those types of soil are often more prone to erosion and weather damage problems.

Your property's landscape is likely a labor of love, with shrubs and flowers chosen specifically because they are things that you value. If you want to preserve them, mulching every year is a great place to start. Talk with your landscape contractor about these benefits of organic mulch and ask about the right mulch for your property based on the plants you're growing and your soil needs.

Reach out to a landscape supply company to learn more about mulch delivery.


13 July 2022

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