5 Ideas For Landscaping Under Trees


One of the bigger landscaping challenges is the space under a tree. If the area seems dry, weedy, and uneven, then it's time to improve the landscaping. Fortunately, there are a lot of attractive ways to improve these spaces.

1. Lawn

Grass is the classic landscaping option for beneath a tree, and it works well if your tree is in ideal conditions. Ideal means that there are no raised roots that can be damaged by a lawnmower. Further, there should be no drought concerns or competition for water can compromise both tree and grass health. As for the lawn grass, it tends to work best underneath smaller trees with open crowns that allow for plenty of sunlight filtration to the ground.

2. Groundcover

For low-maintenance greenery, there are a few groundcovers that are well suited for use under trees. Succulent groundcovers that can thrive with some shading, like some crassula species, don't over-compete for water and require little care. Other shade-loving groundcover plants can also work well, as long as they don't over-compete with the tree for moisture or fertilizer. Coleus, small hostas, and some ferns all work well.

3. Flower Beds

A touch of blooming color can be just the thing beneath a tree. Annual flowers tend to work better because their shallow roots don't compete with the tree, although perennial bulbs like tulips can do well with enough sun. Opt for flowers that require very little sunlight to bloom, like impatiens. For trees with more open crowns that allow some sun penetration, you may be able to grow pansies, violets, and other flowers that thrive in just a bit more sun.

4. Mulch

Mulch is an excellent idea for both the appearance and health of the area. Simply install a ring of edging several feet out from the trunk and fill the ring in with an organic mulch, like wood chips or pine straw. The mulch reduces weed incursion and helps prevent moisture loss. Mulch works especially well if the ground around the tree is bumpy with protruding roots.

5. Hardscaping

A touch of hardscaping allows you to better enjoy the shade. Flagstones are popular, as these allow water to penetrate between the stones. You can then set up a garden bench on top of the hardscaping to provide a shady resting place. Hardscaping works best when the ground beneath the tree is level and there are no protruding roots. 

Contact a landscaping service for more ideas.


16 August 2022

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