Help You May Need From A Landscaping Service To Get Your New Property In Good Shape


When you buy an older home to fix up, you might have to do a lot of yard work too. Whether you're fixing up the property to live in yourself or to flip, you want your yard to be attractive. To get the yard in shape fast, consider hiring a landscaping service to do all of the work while you focus on fixing up the house. Here are things you may need the landscaper to do.

Nourish Or Replace The Lawn

If the grass is in bad shape, the landscaping service may recommend stripping your yard and putting in sod. That will give you a quick, lush lawn. However, if the grass can be saved, they may add fertilizer, weed killer, and grass seeds to get the lawn healthy. They'll probably mow, trim and edge too. If your property doesn't have a sprinkler system, they may recommend putting one in so your grass stays healthy through dry spells.

Put Plants Along the Foundation

Foundation plants are popular among homeowners. Plants with an edged bed that's covered with mulch are an attractive addition to your property, and when the plants are near your house, they are out of the way of the lawn mower. A landscaping service can choose attractive plants and install them so they enhance the appearance of your property.

Trim Back Trees

Older homes have often been around long enough to have mature trees in the yard. An important landscaping service you may need is to have the branches trimmed back so the trees won't be bothersome. The service may remove lower branches and branches that grow close to your house so you won't have to worry about them causing issues and so your trees look well-maintained.

Put In New Trees

If the property you bought doesn't have any trees, the landscaping service might recommend planting one or two in the right places to make your yard more attractive and to create shade for your yard. They might plant trees that have a limited height so you don't have to worry about the trees getting too large to manage when they are mature. The right trees will add value and beauty to your property once they get bigger.

Install A Sidewalk

Some landscaping services also install hardscapes. You might want a sidewalk that connects your door to your fence gate or that goes along the side of your house. If your landscaper offers this service, you could have a concrete sidewalk put in to give your yard a little glamour.

For more information about landscaping, contact a local company.


4 January 2023

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