Trendy Ideas For Beautiful Landscaping


When you hear the word trendy, you probably think of things like hairstyles, clothing and clubs. You didn't think trendy applied to landscaping, did you? Well, it's not so much that landscaping can be trendy in the way of clothes, but that trends can help influence garden styles at a given time. Update your garden by implementing a few trends. Spring Cutting A cutting garden is actually one of the most traditional gardens around, hearkening back to the days of aristocratic ladies "

12 April 2017

Worried About Flooding? Work On The Landscaping To Avoid This Problem


Maintaining your landscape is not always an easy task to handle because weather can be so random. A drought could plague your yard and you might not have an irrigation system in place to make up for the water that all your plants would be receiving and absorbing from a typical rainfall. It is also possible for flooding to play a role in plant damage, so it makes sense to do what you can to avoid these issues.

31 March 2017

Which Curb Appeal Mistakes Could Impact Your Home's Attraction To Buyers?


One of the most important steps you can take towards selling your home is making sure the exterior gives a good impression to potential buyers. Within the first few seconds of driving up to your home, buyers start to form an impression about your home. If your yard is unkempt, buyers could develop a bias against your home before they even get out of their cars. To help you with curb appeal, here are some mistakes that other sellers often make that you should avoid.

28 March 2017

3 Times To Consider Using Landscape Services


Landscaping can play a big role in the curb appeal of a home. A well-kept landscape can add value to a home and make it more attractive to buyers and renters. Many homeowners simply maintain the landscaping that their home came with. Lawn and landscaping maintenance is certainly something that many can tackle themselves. However, there are also plenty of benefits to hiring professionals who do landscaping services. Here are three situations where landscape services can come in handy.

22 March 2017

Get The Most Out Of Your Yard: Designs That Add Value To Your Property


When you have an uneven yard, or you have areas that are isolated from one another, you can create a more cohesive property with the right yard design. You can can use pathways to improve connectivity between areas of your yard, strategically placed lighting to add flair, and retaining walls to make an uneven area more usable and flat. If you want a yard makeover, it's time to meet with a landscaping professional and talk about your design ideas.

14 March 2017

Importance Of Liming Your Lawn


You know the basics of lawn maintenance, such as mowing and fertilizing. However, perhaps your lawn isn't as lush and green as you'd like. You could water it more, but overwatering leads to a whole host of problems as well. Rather, it could be that your lawn needs liming. Liming could be your key to a lush lawn free of weeds and other invasive plants. About Liming a Lawn A major factor in a lawn's health is the soil's pH balance.

9 March 2017

Three Great Uses For Natural Stone In Your Landscape Design


While there are so many great plants that you can incorporate into your landscape design, there are also other great elements that you can add as well. One such element is natural stone. Natural stone contains a beauty that man-made concrete and brick just can't seem to compete with. It is also excellent at withstanding the outdoor elements, if it has been properly treated. This article is going to discuss 3 great uses for natural stone in your landscape design.

6 March 2017